Boom Lifts For Sale From Reliable Equipment

Boom lifts are used in a variety of industries, but they are best known for their use in the construction industry and in warehouses, factories, manufacturing plants, and other industrial settings where they are needed to move large objects and equipment around safely while also getting everything up to where it needs to be. Boom lifts are available in a range of sizes and styles. The three most common varieties of boom lifts are articulated, telescoping, and towable. With so many alternatives to pick from, you can be confident that Reliable Equipment has something to meet your requirements.

Should you buy a Boom Lift or rent?

The simplest approach to assessing if renting or purchasing a boom lift is the best option for your needs is to determine its intended purpose.

Some individuals choose to rent over purchase since they do not require the bells and whistles that come with owning this piece of equipment. If this describes you, then renting is clearly the best option. However, if you expect to use the boom lift for more than a few days or weeks and the job demands heavy machinery on a regular basis, purchasing may be a better option. It is also a good idea to buy a boom lift if you need to use it in more than one place or on more than one job site. This way, you won’t have to worry about renting one every time.

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What to look out for when buying A Boom Lift

If you’re looking to buy a boom lift, here are some things to consider:

Platform Capacity: The platform capacity is the amount of weight the basket can hold. You have to ensure that the weight of the boom lift is strong enough to hold whatever it is you might be using it for.

Engine Type: Is it a diesel engine? Electric or battery powered? This is a very important thing to think about because you don’t want to keep getting stuck in awkward situations where the engine of your boom lift isn’t right for the job. This will slow you down and cost you time and money on the job.

Platform Height: The platform height of a boom lift can range from 10 ft. to 50 ft. This is important because it will determine how high your machine will go. If you’re working on roofs or balconies, then 10 feet will do just fine. But if you need to go higher than that, then you’ll need something with a higher platform height (50 feet).

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