Gehl Skid Steer For Sale & Rent

Gehl began operating way back in 1895 and their first skid steer was first manufactured in 1973. In 2010, their first fully electric skid steer was produced. They concentrate on manufacturing agricultural equipment although some of their skid steers could be used in the construction business. 

Gehl produces six skid steers, some of which are vertical lift and others, radial lifts, so you have a choice to suit your requirements. The vertical lift skid steer provides excellent reach at full lift height. The radial lift loaders have good reach in the middle of the lift path.



The R135 GEN: 2 skid loader is an great option that includes a compact body style with a little extra lifting capacity compared to our smallest loaders. Still able to be easily transported and the operator experience is very intuitive. New low effort controls in the GEN:2 help with operator fatigue after a long day behind the controls.



Boasting 862 kg of rated operating capacity this machine is not to be underestimated. With the optional counterweight added this machine can lift over a ton! Remember to consider how you’ll be transporting the machine you choose because a smaller body style may play to your advantage. 



The R260 is largest radial lift skid loader in GEHL’s offering, and it doesn’t disappoint. With 1,179 kg. of rated operating capacity, it would be hard to find an application tougher than this machine. 


The skid steers have their own set of specifications but they have the following in common:

  • They are all equipped with an industry-exclusive hydraulic attachment system
  • They have powerful engines providing a great deal of torque

Are Gehl Skid Steers Good?

Gehl skid steers are amongst the best on the market. They have high-performance features and their engineering is state of the art. They work well in bad weather and can cope with torrential rain and snow. You can even attach a snow blower to it. If there is mud, their skid steers will cope even when it is caked on the attachment plate. They won’t stop working even in the worst of conditions. All of the skid steers are compact so are able to get into the tightest of spaces. They can work best on flat and solid ground and can be used inside as well as out, depending on the situation. You can attach numerous tools to them, such as augers, backhoes, bale movers, buckets, log splitters, snow blowers, and stump removers


What Models Of Skid Steers Does Gehl Supply?

Gehl has six skid steers on offer. The most popular are the R135, the R190, and the R260. They have their own set of specifications which make them ideal for different jobs. 

The R190 is impressive. It has a rated operating capacity of 1900 pounds, but there is an optional counterweight that allows it to lift much more. It has a powerful engine that produces a lot of torque and horsepower which means that it can cut through rough terrain. It is built of heavy-duty materials, so it is built to last. Other features include:

  • The operating height is 158”
  • The dump reach is 23”
  • The engine is 68 horsepower

The R260 is the largest skid loader that Gehl manufactures. It is a radial lift, so works best at mid-level. It can lift an amazing 2599 pounds. The engine, like in all Gehl skid steers, is powerful, with a great deal of torque. Other features include:

  • The operating height is 161”
  • The dump reach is 27”
  • The engine is 71 horsepower

Should You Rent Or Buy A Gehl Skid Steer?

To answer this question, you will have to consider how often you are going to use the skid steer. Gehl skid steers are sturdy machines and have high performance, so are a good investment. If you are a business that uses skid steers on a regular basis, it would be well worth your while to invest in a Gehl skid steer. However, if you think you will only use it intermittently, it is more cost-effective to rent one.