Amphibious Excavator Rentals From Reliable Equipment

An amphibious excavator can perform dredging work while floating in shallow water. They can also operate on land and in soft, boggy, and marshy areas with little risk of getting trapped in mud. They feature sealed pontoon equipment made of high-strength steel that are resistant to corrosion and can work in salt water.

If you are a business that uses amphibious excavators regularly, it might be profitable to add one to your fleet. However, they can be expensive, and they are large so you might not have the room to store one or the ready cash. If this is the case, or if you only plan to use an amphibious excavator intermittently, your best option would be to rent one. An advantage of renting is that you can rent the size you need for the job.

Amphibious Excavator rental

Amphibious Excavator – Basic Operating

Before you switch the machine on, you should do some basic checks. Ensure that the lighting is working and that the signal and alarm devices are functional. Check the fuel oil, lubricating oil, and hydraulic oil, and make sure that the hinged parts are connected safely. There should be no leaks from the hydraulic system. When operating the amphibious excavator, stick to the horizontal orientation. When the walking mechanism is braked, wait for the machine to stabilize before you start to dig. If you need to reverse brake, don’t use the steering clutch but only use the reverse brake. Because the boom and arm of an amphibious excavator are longer than on an ordinary excavator, you should lift and lower it slowly, making sure that it does not bump into the frame or crawler.

Rent An Amphibious Excavator For These Purposes

There are many uses for an amphibious excavator. They can dredge in shallow water up to 9 meters deep, remove mud and stones, and can clean industrial waste ponds. They are used in hydroelectric plants to dredge input channels and reservoirs. If you want to remove aquatic vegetation growing at the bottom of a river, you can do this with an amphibious excavator that has a rake attached. Canals and other narrow waterways can be cleaned as well. In the mining industry, amphibious excavators are used to assist water pumps and in drainage and dam work. You can even use an amphibious excavator on land such as in clearing our warehouse spaces.

What Are The Best Amphibious Excavator Brands?


Wetland is well-known for producing excellent amphibious excavators. They are suitable for dredging, cleaning ponds, rivers, and canals, and they even work on land. Wetland’s amphibious excavators are lightweight, have low-ground pressure, and have excellent turning ability, The pontoons on their excavators are designed to provide optimum balance and stability.

EIK Engineering

EIK Engineering is popular as a producer of amphibious excavators. It designs and builds high-quality amphibious excavators and a good range of attachments so that you can deal with any task you are presented with.


Ultratrex is a leading producer of custom-made high-performance and versatile amphibious excavators. Their machines work well on both shallow waters and swampy wetlands.


Wilco produces amphibious excavators that vary in operating weight from 5 to 95 metric tons so there should be one to suit your needs. They are lightweight, easy to operate, and they are durable. They will work in shallow water, on land, and in marshy areas.


Wetland Amphibious Excavator

At Wetland Equipment, we are dedicated to providing customers with amphibious excavators that won’t disappoint. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and surpass other amphibious machines’ limitations, ensuring that you get top-quality machines for all your jobs.

Wetland Equipment amphibious machines are working on more than 30 countries worldwide. Whether you need an excavator for dredging, remediation, pond cleaning, or other means of transportation, our amphibious excavators are ready for the job.


Floating Excavator​

An amphibious excavator is one of the most important things you need if you work on a construction site or provide construction services. 

An amphibious excavator or pontoon excavator is a heavy-duty machine used to dredge in different places of need. As a construction site working machine, an amphibious excavator is made with great precision and strength. These excavators are manufactured and polished for providing a better and easier working experience to people who work at construction sites.