Trencher Rental From Reliable Equipment

As the name suggests, a trencher is used to dig trenches for projects such as laying pipes or electrical cables, for installing drainage, and even for trench warfare during battles and wars. You can get different types of trenchers such as the walk-behind models which can be used for smaller tasks where space is limited. These include digging for irrigation projects and landscaping. A ride-on trencher is more suitable for a larger job that requires more horsepower. It will deal better with harder terrain such as rocky soil or pavement. A walk-on trencher usually has horsepower between 6 and 31 while a ride-on trencher has a horsepower between 49 and 131. You can also get trencher attachments for your own machine such as a tractor or skid steer loader. All trenchers will have either a toothed metal wheel or a chainsaw-like digging belt. If you just need to use a trencher intermittently or for a one-off job, your best bet would be to rent a trencher as it will be more cost-effective.

Trencher Rental

Trencher – Basic Operating

Whether you rent a walk-on trencher or a ride-on, there are some similarities between the two when it comes to operating. However, on a walk-behind trencher, the steering mechanism is usually just a set of handles while a ride-on trencher has tougher steering levers and track controls. Both will have a depth control lever that is usually operated by a hydraulic mechanism. This raises and lowers the boom as needed. There is a control that turns either the chain or wheel on and off. The speed control allows you to control the speed you want to move at. There is a gear shift control which starts at neutral and then you can put it into forward or reverse. All trenchers have a safety mechanism which is usually a lever and the trencher won’t start until you disengage it.

Rent A Trencher For These Projects

A chain trencher is, as the name suggests, a giant chainsaw. It has a chain mechanism that wraps around the boom so that you can manage the depth of the cut. It is generally used for digging narrow trenches for cables, cutting tree roots, and cutting through the soil. A rock wheel trencher is capable of cutting through rocky terrain, pavements, and hard soil. Rock wheel trenchers usually have spacers and ejectors which get rid of the excavated material as you work.

What Are The Best Trencher Brands?

DK Trenchers

If you are looking for a ride-on trencher, this company is a good choice. Their machines are great for drainage, irrigation, windmills, pipelines, and construction work. They can deal with harder surfaces so if you have a tough job, you won’t go far wrong with DK Trenchers.

Auger Torque

If you want a trencher attachment for your tractor or skid-steer loader, Auger Torque will meet your needs. They have a wide range of attachments which can be attached to machines of up to 10 tonnes.

Barreto Mfg

You may not have heard of Barreto but they produce excellent hydraulic walk-behind trenchers. The company manufactured the first all-hydraulic wheeled trencher back in 1995 and now produce trenchers with a horsepower ranging from 6 hp to 25 hp.


Shelton Trenchers

Shelton’s range of trenchers is ideal for installing land drainage pipes and underground services on sports fields and other turfed areas.

Not only can you buy our trenchers, we also offer trencher hire, either with or without a skilled operator which can be a cost effective option for many sports clubs. 

DK Trenchers

DK Trenchers

DK Trenchers machine was designed and brought to life by the high demand of a machine to install larger mains and to handle a wider variety of soil conditions not only all over America, but all over the world.

DK Trenchers is proud to show off ‘The Beast’ with thicker steel, double the power, double the weight & capability of the Original DK Machine, the DK-612