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If you need to clear a forest or just cut down a few trees, a feller buncher is your answer. It is a motorized vehicle with an attachment that can quickly cut a tree and then place it in a stack ready for a skidder or forwarder to take it to a processing plant. A feller buncher consists of a standard heavy equipment base with a cab for the operator and an arm with a tree-grabbing device such as a chainsaw, circular saw, or a shear. Some feller bunchers come with wheels in which case you would use them on soft terrain. Most, however, have tracks which makes them more versatile. They can be used on any sort of terrain, even steep slopes. Unless you own a company that is dedicated to forestry work, the chances are that you will want to use a feller buncher intermittently. In this case, it will be more cost-effective to rent one rather than invest in a feller buncher.

Feller Buncher Rental

Feller Buncher – Basic Operating

It is always advisable to take safety precautions before you start operating a feller buncher. Inspect the machine to ensure that it is in safe operating condition. Look for any overhead hazards before getting in the cab. When you’re in the cab, put your seatbelt on and keep the doors closed. If at any time, you feel that the feller buncher feels unstable, switch it off.

To cut down a tree, move the machine in front of the tree and then maneuver the felling head to the trunk. The grappling device will then wrap itself around the tree and the saw severs the tree, leaving the stump. Then the machine takes the tree in a vertical position to the stack of felled trees and lays it down vertically on top of them

Rent A Feller Buncher For These Projects

Feller bunchers are used for cutting down trees and putting them in a pile. In this way, you can group trees by species, quality, and other defining characteristics. Then they can be taken to a processing plant to be made into such things as logs, woodchips, or mulch. You wouldn’t use a feller buncher for anything but forestry projects.

What Are The Best Feller Buncher Brands?


Komatsu forestry equipment is designed to work in the harshest of conditions. No terrain is too rough for their machines to perform at optimum level. Their feller bunchers are all tracked and give you maximum effectiveness on any terrain. All of their machines have powerful fuel-efficient engines and rugged undercarriages.

John Deere

John Deere has been around for 180 years and started manufacturing feller bunchers over 50 years ago. They have wide experience in forestry equipment and their feller bunchers can withstand tough terrains such as steep slopes and swamps. They provide a range of options for your feller buncher. You can choose between standard and long-reach booms and there is a choice of multiple attachments for versatility. Their feller bunchers have long and wide undercarriages which provide stability.


Tigercat is a major player in the forestry business. They built their reputation on feller bunchers. Their machines offer high performance, operator comfort, and safety features. Their wheeled feller bunchers vary in horsepower size so you can find one to suit your needs.


Global Financial

As one of the most practical logging machines, a feller buncher has the ability to cut multiple trees at the same time or in a row, gathering them up like a bouquet of flowers.

A feller buncher can do this before the group of trees ever hit the ground—literally gathering up a “bunch.” 


Finning Feller Buncher

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