Long Reach Excavator Rental From Reliable Equipment

If you plan to demolish a building or dig deep trenches in hard to get to places, a long reach excavator is the answer. It has an extended arm that reaches further than a normal excavator. The extendable arm has a range of 40 – 100 feet which makes it possible to reach construction sites that are over 100 feet away horizontally. It can also reach the upper stories of buildings and has replaced the wrecking ball in demolition projects.

Long Reach Excavator Rent

There are advantages to renting a long reach excavator rather than buying one. For a start, they are expensive pieces of equipment so if you don’t use them regularly, it wouldn’t be cost-effective to purchase one. In addition, they are difficult to transport because of their size. The boom and the stick need to be transported separately from the machine because of the weight. This adds to the cost. Many companies offer long reach excavator rentals of different sizes and operating weights so you won’t have any trouble finding one.

Long Reach Excavator – Basic Operating

Before you start to operate your long reach excavator, it is a good idea to check the machine for any sign of damage and to see if there are any leaks. Once you are in the cab, put your seatbelt on and turn on the machine. If none of the safety lights are on, you can take off the safety lock and you’re ready to go. Before digging, run your long reach excavator over an even surface to make sure that the machine is balanced. Once you are sure that everything is safe, you can start working. To lower and raise the boom, use the joystick on your right. With this joystick, you can open and close the bucket. If you need to swing the cab, you can do this with the left joystick. When you want to drive the machine, ensure that the dozer blade is up and then you can use the pedals to move forwards. When you have reached the position you want to be in, lower the blade. As you move the bucket, make sure that you don’t hit the wheels or tracks and ensure that the tracks are fully touching the ground. Otherwise, the machine may tip over.

Rent A Long Reach Excavator For These Projects

One of the main uses of a long reach excavator is to demolish buildings. If attached to a jackhammer, it can reach great heights. It can also be used for digging deep holes and trenches. If it is placed on a floating platform or barge, it can be used for digging into a river or lake. If you attach a mechanical thumb, a long reach excavator can move pipes, poles, and other such objects.

What Are The Best Long Reach Excavator Brands


Hitachi has a wide range of long reach excavators so if you need an excavator to reach great heights or dig deep, they are a good choice. Their long reach excavators are designed especially for dredging rivers and lakes, and for landscaping.


Caterpillar is one of the best-known brands that produce construction equipment. Their long reach excavators offer high performance, versatility, and excellent fuel efficiency. They are easy to operate, are durable, and are produced with the latest technology and safety features.

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