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A snowcat, as the name suggests, is used in the snow. It is a truck-sized vehicle with a heated, fully enclosed cab that can be used to clear snow on roads or to maintain a ski slope. In cold climates, they can be used to drive from your home to other locations, although the cost of a snowcat can put you off from buying them just to get into town. Generally, they are used for commercial purposes. It can be more cost-effective to rent one if you just need a snowcat for the winter season.

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Snowcat – Basic Operating

A snowcat is a large machine, so it is important to take safety precautions. Always look ahead, judge your momentum, and also the density of the snow. Don’t overdo the digging. If you continually dig holes and deposit the snow, you will end up with a row of holes which is not what you want. Instead, you want to roll the snow and introduce heat into the snowpack. The blade in the front of the machine does this. The snow then passes underneath the tracks which pack the snow downwards. The tiller at the back of the snowcat then reprocesses the snow and you will get a smooth surface.

The controls of a snowcat are relatively easy to grasp. The drive sticks are on the left-hand throttle. Your left foot controls the operation of both the blade and tiller, while your right foot operates the windshield wiper. The windshield wiper is very important, especially in blizzard conditions.

Rent A Snowcat For These Projects

The main use of a snowcat is to clear snow. It is particularly useful when there has been a snowstorm and people are struggling to get out of their homes. They are a useful machine for town councils to rent when bad weather has been forecasted. It is more cost-effective for them to rent rather than purchase as the snowcats could sit idle for many months. Snowcats are also used in ski resorts to keep the roads to the chair lifts snow free. In this case, it is probably better to purchase a snowcat as the ski season can be long. Snowcats have been used in polar expeditions as you may have seen on TV. They also have some unusual uses such as logging in marsh areas, leveling sugar beet piles, for medical evacuations, and seismic studies anywhere in the world.

What Are The Best Snowcat Brands?


Prinoth is geared towards manufacturing snowcats for ski resorts. They guarantee that you will be able to get to your ski slopes whatever the snow conditions are. They boast that they have the best area coverage and prepared slopes per hour compared to other brands. They offer reasonable rates for rental so are a good choice if you don’t want to purchase a snowcat.


Pistenbully produces versatile snowcats that can both clear snow from roads and ski slopes and can handle long treks over snow and ice. They are popular for polar treks. Their snowcats are easy to maneuver which is a bonus when negotiating snow-covered areas.


Tucker’s snowcats provide excellent traction in steep terrain and in blizzards due to their four articulating tracks. They turn smoothly for the comfort of the operator and can easily navigate obstacles. If you need to get to remote locations, a Tucker snowcat is a good choice.

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