JLG Scissor Lift For Sale & Rental - Reliable Equipment

JLG is known for producing top-quality scissor lifts. Scissor lifts are machines that transport people and equipment upwards to work on projects safely.

JLG  produces two types of scissor lifts, electric scissor lifts, and engine-powered scissor lifts. The electric scissor lifts have a long runtime and are quiet, while the engine-powered scissor lifts can cope with rough terrain. The different models have their own specifications but they have the following in common:

  • Suitable for both indoor maintenance and for outdoor construction jobs
  • Large platforms for holding the tools that are needed for the job

AE1932 JLG


Improved Cost of Ownership: This model sets a new industry benchmark with almost no maintenance, with a new diagnostic and analyzer tool that can be used on any smart device

ES2646 JLG


The ES2646 has reduced hydraulic components which reduces the chance of leaks and service calls. The scissor lifts in the R series are compact and can therefore get into confined spaces

R2632 JLG


Reach More in Difficult Conditions: Industry-exclusive outdoor rating for use up to 21 ft.

Tackle Demanding Terrain: Active pothole protection provides increased ground clearance

Are JLG Scissor Lifts Good?

JLG produces some of the best scissor lifts in the industry. They are known to be reliable and long-lasting, and the company has a good customer support team.

Their electric scissor lifts are quiet and provide more than twice the battery life of hydraulic-drive machines. You don’t have to depend on hydraulic oils and there are zero emissions which is good for the environment. They come in different working heights and the sizes of platforms also vary. It shouldn’t be difficult for you to find a JLG electric scissor lift to suit your work needs.

The engine-powered lifts have the advantage in that they can travel over rough terrain so are useful on a building site. Their platforms are huge, so you won’t have a problem getting all your gear on them. These lifts are stable and have excellent lifting capacities. 

JLG Scissor Lift

What Model Scissor Lifts Do JLG Supply?

The electric scissor lifts have a range of models in four different series. The DaVinci All-Electric series boasts low noise and no emissions. The AE1932 has a single lithium-ion battery that will last the life of the machine and charges in five minutes for 100 feet of drive. There is plenty of torque for loading. The models in the ES series have double the duty cycles compared with other brands. This means that you can operate the machine for twice as long. The ES2646 has reduced hydraulic components which reduces the chance of leaks and service calls. The scissor lifts in the R series are compact and can therefore get into confined spaces. The R2632 fits through a standard doorway and can tackle difficult terrain. The models in the ERT series are built to deal with rough terrain, can be driven at full height, and have LCD platforms.

When it comes to the engine-powered scissor lifts, there is just one series, the RT series. They are exceptional in their ability to traverse rough terrain. The platforms are large and have high load capacities. They can be driven at full height. The RT 3394 has a platform capacity of 2250 pounds and a platform height of 33 feet.

Should You Rent Or Buy a JLG Scissor Lift?

To answer this question, you have to consider your requirements. Will you be using it on a regular basis? If so, it makes sense to buy one. JLG scissor lifts are reliable, constructed well, and need minimum servicing. They are reasonably priced and so make a good investment. However, if you just have a one-off job, rent a scissor lift instead.