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MId-rise scissor lifts are used in the automotive industry. You may have seen one when you’ve taken your car to the garage for a service or repairs. It is used by mechanics when they need to carry out work on the undercarriage of a car. It can also be used instead of a jack when you want to work on the wheels or brakes. Some don’t offer center-line access because they are narrow, while others do. If they don’t, you will be confined to wheel and brake servicing. 



The MDS-6EXT has a pneumatic kicker that literally boosts the lift platforms for the first 152 mm of lift. This is important because a scissor lift’s convenience also creates a mechanical disadvantage that we found a way around.



It comes equipped with a 24V Electronic safety locking system and unlike most mid rise car scissor lift you do not require an air compressor with the Platinum mid rise car scissor lift. 

Mid-rise scissor lifts are popular with homeowners who have some mechanical knowledge and with small garages with low ceilings. 

Mid-rise scissor lifts all come with their own set of specifications, with different lifting heights and weight capacities. However, they have the following features in common:

  • Can lift cars and small trucks
  • They are electric

Are Mid-Rise Scissor Lifts Good?

MId-rise scissor lifts are a useful addition to a small garage that doesn’t have a great deal of space. They suit garages with low ceilings as they don’t rise as high as high-rise lifts. They are also suitable for homeowners who want to do simple wheel and brake work. They offer exceptional comfort when compared to using a jack, and also give you a greater sense of security when working underneath a car. Some don’t allow you to work on the center line of the vehicle and these are best avoided unless you want to work only on the wheels and brakes. 


What Models Of MId-Rise Scissor Lifts Are The Best?

There is a big choice of mid-rise scissor lifts out there, so much so that you might be overwhelmed. To give you a helping hand, we have chosen two mid-rise scissor lifts to tell you about.

The Bendpak MDS-6EXT would be a great addition to a small garage as it allows you to work on the center line of the vehicle and has three multiple lock positions so you can adjust the height to what is appropriate for the job. Other features include:

  • 6000-pound weight capacity
  • Lifting height of 38’
  • Extended platform for longer cars and trucks
  • Long wheelbase
  • It has a pneumatic kicker that boosts the lift platforms
  • An even lift created by four hydraulic cylinders
  • Steel safety lock bars
  • Removable ramp

The GEG MSL3 mid-rise car scissor lift has some good safety features including a fully enclosed control panel. Another advantage is that it doesn’t need an air compressor which makes it quiet. Air compressors can be very noisy. Other features include:

  • 6600-pound weight capacity
  • Lifting height of 39’
  • 24V electronic safety locking system
  • Run-up ramps that can be removed
  • A height safety switch
  • Two anti-tipping safety switches
  • Eight rubber lift blocks

Should You Rent Or Buy A Mid-Rise Scissor Lift?

When it comes to mid-rise scissor lifts, the chances are high that you own a garage so you will probably need one on a regular basis. In this case, it would make most sense to invest in one. There are some reasonably priced mid-rise scissor lifts out there or some companies offer finance. If you are a homeowner and only need one to do the occasional job, you might want to consider renting one.