Scissor Lift Rentals From Reliable Equipment

A scissor lift is an aerial platform lift that is used for projects such as ceiling installation and painting. It moves people and equipment upwards and has a vertical reach of between 20 and 50 feet. A scissor lift is much safer than a ladder or scaffolding because you have a platform to stand on to do your work. It can usually be used both indoors and outside. 

Unless you are a business that uses scissor lifts regularly, you won’t want to buy one, so the alternative is to rent one. Reliable Equipment has a wide range of scissor lifts for rent and stocks well-known brands such as JLG and Skyjack. You can choose between standard electric scissor lifts and rough terrain models for use over the most difficult surfaces.

Reliable Equipment offers scissor lifts for use indoors and outdoors. All of the rentals are easy to maneuver and have a railed platform. Many of the rentals are narrow so you will be able to work in tight spaces.

Scissor Lift – Basic Operating

A scissor lift should only be operated by contractors only with a professional certificate of insurance. The first thing to do before operating the scissor lift is to check for obstacles around the scissor lift. You don’t want to drive over a stone or something similar. You also need to make sure that there is nothing overhead that the scissor lift could come into contact with. The next step is to pull out the emergency stop button on the control panel and select ‘platform’. You can now go onto the platform making sure to lock the gate behind you. You are then ready to move the scissor lift using the levers. Use the horizontal switch to swap between raising the platform and driving. Use the vertical switch to change the speed of the scissor lift. To choose which direction you want to go, use the joystick. When you have completed the job, lower the platform, push the emergency stop button, and turn the base key off. If you are doing a job such as painting, it is a good idea to cover the platform, handrails, and controls with sheets to protect the scissor lift from splashes.

What Can You Use A Scissor Lift For?

A scissor lift is most likely to be used professionally in construction particularly when a house is being built. Warehouses often use scissor lifts to reach goods stored on high shelves. Scissor lifts are also used in television and film production. 

What Are The Best Scissor Lift Brands?

Genie is one of the most popular brands for consumer and industrial products. They produce scissor lifts that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Their scissor lifts are quiet and easy to maneuver. Their scissor lifts have a large platform which will make you feel safe and secure.

Skyjack scissor lifts are often chosen by companies for inspection work because they are durable and reliable. The control system is user-friendly and the lifts are easy to maneuver. If they break down, Skyjack is well-known for having machines that are easy to repair.

JLG is well known for scissor lifts that stand the test of time. They have an excellent customer support system, so if something goes wrong, they will deal with your problems quickly. They are also the makers of the world’s largest self-propelled boom lift.

Snorkel is a brand to be reckoned with. They use heavy-duty steel to construct their scissor lifts so you will find that they are long-lasting. They make lifts for rough terrain as well as low-level lifts. Their scissor lifts come in an impressive range of heights from 12.5 feet to 45 feet.

Discount Lift

Discount Lift Scissor Lift

A scissor lift is an elevator that drives around.  It is an aerial work platform set on a stack of scissoring arms.  The scissor lift mainly uses hydraulics to raise and lower the platform.  Some manufactures have tried to use pneumatics, screws and other ways to raise and lower the platform.  Self propelled scissor lifts uses either electric or hydraulic motors.  Even fueled powered scissor lifts use hydraulic motors to drive the machines.

What is the most popular scissor lift?

The most popular scissor lift rental is the 19 foot electric scissor lift.  It is a compact lift about 32” wide and about 90” long.  It will go through a standard man door.  The 19’ scissor lift will put your feet about 19 feet giving you a working height of 25 feet.


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