Baumalight Stump Grinders For Sale & Rent

Baumalight is a leading company that deals in light industrial equipment. They have an excellent line-up of stump grinders which includes attachments for such carriers as excavators and skid steers, 3-port hitch stump grinders for tractors, and self-propelled stump grinders. However, if you are an individual wanting to clear your yard of tree stumps, Baumalight does also offer walk-behind stump grinders.  

The Baumalight stump grinder range is one of their most popular products. Stump grinders clear both tree stumps and roots and have a rotating cutting disc that chops away at the wood. Baumalight stump grinders have been designed to deal with the most difficult of jobs and are built with high-quality components.



The IP24 PTO is specially designed to attach to tractors that have hydrostatic drive. It takes all of the tractor’s power and directs it towards the tree stump. It is made to deal with small and medium-sized stumps.



The 3P40 HPR PTO stump grinder is designed with high performance in mind, for tractors equipped with a 60–120 HP and 1,000 RPM PTO. This stump grinder will devour large tree stumps with its 54 replaceable carbide teeth and a 34″ rotor. 



Very-portable at under 30 inches wide, this stump grinder can fit through most gates and between buildings, making it great at getting into hard to reach areas


Baumalight stump grinders are different from each other because some are attachments while others are self-propelled machines and walk-behind.  However, they have some common features: 

  • They can cope with even the most difficult tree stumps
  • They are sturdy

Are Baumalight Stump Grinders Good?

Baumalight is highly regarded in the industry and their stump grinders can deal with the hardest of jobs. They are reliable, offer excellent performance, and are made of rugged materials. Their stump grinders are widely used by companies because they last but this doesn’t stop individuals from buying their walk-behind stump grinder. That too can deal with most sizes of stumps.

Baumalight is based in Ontario, Canada, and has dealerships all over North America. They offer local support so there is someone knowledgeable if you have any problems. They even offer free freight to North American dealers.


What Are Baumalight’s Best Models?

Baumalight has such an extensive range of stump grinders that it can be difficult to choose one or two. They even have a stump grinder specially designed for grinding Christmas tree stumps.

Two of the most popular stump grinder models are the IP24 PTO stump grinder and the WB44. 

The IP24 PTO is specially designed to attach to tractors that have hydrostatic drive. It takes all of the tractor’s power and directs it towards the tree stump. It is made to deal with small and medium-sized stumps. If you want to remove large stumps, there are other models such as the 3P40. The IP24 has a 24” rotor which has 34 carbide teeth and it efficiently removes tree stumps in minutes. A stump grinder PTO on a tractor is an extremely efficient way of clearing wood stumps and Baumalight offers four of these attachments. Other features include the following:

  • Has a 10” depth above, and 6” below ground
  • Hydraulics isn’t required
  • Controlled with gravity feed

The WB44 is a walk-behind stump grinder that can be easily operated, even if you aren’t the strongest person out there. It is highly portable as it is less than 30 “  wide so will easily get through the gates of most backyards. It will also get into the hard-to-reach areas, even between buildings. It has a wide cutting arc, allowing you to grind stumps at a maximum of 20” in diameter which is pretty big for such a small machine. Other features include: 

  • 15” pneumatic tires that don’t tear up the lawn
  • 10” cutting head
  • Integrated handles and lifting hooks
  • Easy to load and unload with a folding handle 

Should You Rent Or Buy A Baumalight Stump Grinder?

Most Baumalight stump grinders are made for commercial use and, as a company, you need to consider how much you are going to use a stump grinder. Baumalight stump grinders are well-made and rugged and would make a good investment but if you intend to use it for a one-off job or intermittently, we recommend that you rent a stump grinder from a Baumalight rental dealer. The same goes if you are an individual. The chances are high that you won’t use it enough to buy one but perhaps you are a professional gardener and might need one. In this case, it would be an idea to buy a stump grinder from Baumalight. The WB44 stump grinder is compact and won’t take too much space in your garage.