Power King Stump Grinders For Sale & Rent

Power King produces just one stump grinder, although there are two versions, one with a manual start and the other with an electric start. They are both reasonably priced and efficient for machines in their price range. They are not made for industrial use but can be a handy addition to a tree service or landscape garden business.

The Power King stump grinder is popular and is well-rated online. Stump grinders remove tree stumps and roots. They have a rotating blade that shreds the wood as they turn. The Power King stump grinder has an impressive 12” cutting wheel that can deal with most small and medium-sized tree stumps.



The IP24 PTO is specially designed to attach to tractors that have hydrostatic drive. It takes all of the tractor’s power and directs it towards the tree stump. It is made to deal with small and medium-sized stumps.

The major features of the Power King stump grinder are as follows;

  • Kohler engine
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Safety features
  • Adjustable bow-shaped handle for comfort

Power King Stump

Is The Power King Stump Grinder Good?

In general, the Power King stump grinder is a good buy. If you are watching the pennies, the manual start stump grinder will save you a considerable amount compared to the electric start. Both have a manual brake system which gives excellent control when steering the machine. However, the Power King stump grinder does come with a couple of negatives. First, it needs some assembly when you get it home. It’s not difficult but the instruction manual isn’t that clear so it may take longer than it should. The centrifugal clutch is safe and makes it easy to operate the grinder but it can cause a loss of power. However, the grinder does come with a one-year warranty, and the engine with a three-year warranty.

Power King PK0803 Model

As we have said, the Power King stump grinder comes with either a manual start or an electric start. The electric version also has an hour meter so you can keep up with the maintenance schedule. This is one big advantage over the manual version unless you remember to make a note of how long you have used it.

The engine in both is a Kohler Command Pro 14HP. It has a 4-stage cyclonic air filtration system. It gives enough power to grind stumps that are 11’ above ground and 9” below ground. Other brands of stump grinders with the same cutting range are generally more expensive.

The Power King stump grinder has excellent safety features. This is important as you need to be assured that you can stop the grinder if something dangerous happens. It has a palm button safety switch and a rip cord safety shut-off.

Other features include:

  • 3.5” thick cutting blade
  • Dual bolt cutting tools
  • Welded dual lift handles making it easy to carry it on and off transport
  • Disc drum for pivot cutting
  • Free weather-proof cover

Should You Rent Or Buy a Power King Stump Grinder 

Deciding whether to buy or rent a Power King stump grinder is a big decision. You have to ask yourself how often you are going to use it. If you are an individual who has just cut down some trees in the backyard and wants to regain a smooth lawn, you will probably use it just the once. In this case, you will possibly want to rent the stump grinder. However, if you run a small gardening business, it may prove economical in the long run to buy a Power King stump grinder. They are reasonably priced compared to their competition so it will be a good investment for the future. It isn’t huge so it shouldn’t take up too much space in your garage and you can always sell it if you decide to close your business.