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If your company is involved in the forestry industry, chances are that you will need a track skidder for logging operations. A track skidder pulls felled trees out of the forest from the cutting site to a landing site where they are loaded onto trucks and sent for processing. The question is do you rent or buy one? If you use one regularly, it can make sense to invest in one. However, if you only need a track skidder intermittently, renting is the better option. With renting, you get the option of size, and type of track skidder. In addition, you also have the opportunity of getting the latest model.

Track Skidder Rental

Track Skidder – Basic Operating

There are two types of track skidder, the cable skidder, and the grapple skidder. A cable track skidder requires two operators. One operates the machine while the other remains outside the skidder and wraps the cables around the logs. After that, a winch is used to pull the load towards the skidder. The winch holds onto the logs and the skidder moves them away to the landing site.

Grapple track skidders are preferred as you only need one operator. It is also safer as the operator is enclosed in a cab. The grapple track skidder uses a tong-like grapple system to pick up the logs. Grapples are attached to a boom or arch. The boom or arch is lowered, and the grapple picks up the log. The boom is then lifted, and the machine moves to the landing site with the log. There are three types of fixed boom grapple skidders. A single-function boom only allows the boom to lower in one position. A double-function boom can be lowered in two different places. The third type can swing from side to side and is the most useful as it can pick up numerous logs from different places in the forest.

Rent a Track Skidder For These Projects

A track skidder is only used for pulling cut trees away from the forest and onto the landing site. They make it easy to move felled trees but they don’t have any other uses.

What Are The Best Track Skidder Brands?

John Deere

John Deere provides both cable and grapple track skidders. They all have rugged axles which means that they can handle rough terrain and steep slopes. They are reliable and are easy to maintain. The track skidders have variable transmission which gives efficiency, a smooth drive, and are easy to operate. John Deere’s machines are built on over 180 years of experience.


Tigercat also supplies both cable and grapple track skidders. Tigercat is well-known for manufacturing machines that have a long life, are easy to use, and are inexpensive to operate. They are built to withstand the rigors of forestry work, dealing easily with steep slopes and rough terrain.


Their track skidders allow the operators to work ground that could not be tackled with traditional equipment. They are rugged and durable and will work both on rough terrain and steep slopes. They also provide excellent floatation on wet and soft ground.

FSK Equipment

FSK Equipment Track Skidder

FSK is a different type of company as we focus on solving our clients problems with the right piece of equipment, or helping them generate more value in the sale of their used machines.

Our main focus is material handling machines, with a concentration in forestry equipment. But we can handle almost any type of equipment that our clients are seeking to buy or sell. 

Zender Equipment

Zender Equipment Track Skidder