Dingo Skid Steer For Sale & Rent

Dingo is an Australian-owned company that is committed to quality, reliability, and high performance. They have been operating for 30 years and their skid steers are popular models. They have been built to withstand the harsh Australian landscape so you can be assured that they are sturdy and can cope with rough terrain.

A skid steer is a machine that is compact, easily maneuverable and has a rigid frame. It has lift arms to which you can attach different tools such as an auger, bucket, or snow blower.



As the market leader, Toro has taken another giant step in innovation, performance and versatility with the ALL-NEW DINGO® TXL 2000.

K9 - D

The Dingo K9-D is our most all-purpose model. Diesel for efficient and tough power. Those who previously had a diesel 950, K93 and All-Rounder or K94 will love a new K9-D.

Dingo skid steers are all classed as mini and are walk-behind. They are small and can easily be stored. Each skid steer comes with its own set of specifications but they have the following in common:

  • Multi pump hydraulic system
  • Simple and solid linkage system

Dingo Skid

Are Dingo Skid Steers Good?

Dingo mini skid steers are amongst the best. They are built to last and can cope with difficult tasks. Their engines are powerful and produce a lot of torque which allows them to drive through tough terrain. They suit any type of agricultural work including clearing land, mowing grass, clearing debris, digging trenches, and performing property maintenance. An advantage of a mini skid steer is that it is easily maneuverable. A disadvantage is that it doesn’t have a cab so you are exposed to the elements.

What Models of Skid Steer Does Dingo Supply?

There are a few models of skid steer that Dingo supplies including the Toro Dingo TXL2000 and the Dingo K9 – D mini skid steer.

The Dingo K9 – D mini skid steer is a powerful little machine. It is equipped with a 27 horsepower Yanmar 3TNV80 diesel engine which provides plenty of torque. Compared to previous models, the engine has increased capacity, making it quieter than many other engines.

This skid steer can handle just about any agricultural task. It has a two-pump hydraulic system which gives better performance without increasing horsepower. It is a vertical lift skid steer and has a maximum lift height of 78”. The safe working load is 716.5 pounds.  Other features include:

  • Low emissions without the need for a DPF or SCR
  • Tipping capacity of 1433 pounds
  • Walk-behind model so best used in good weather

Should You Rent Or Buy A Dingo Skid Steer?

To answer this question, you have to think about how much you will use a skid steer.  If you own a farm, chances are high that you will use one regularly, so it makes sense to buy one. Dingo skid steers are good value for money and are durable, so are a good investment. You probably won’t have to pay for expensive repairs. They are small so they are easy to store without taking up too much space. However, if you just need a skid steer for a one-off job, it would be more cost-effective to rent one.