JCB Skid Steer For Sale & Rent

JCB began as a small company in 1945 building agricultural tipping trailers. Now it is a global force in manufacturing construction equipment such as skid steers, excavators, site dumpers, and loaders. 

JCB produces four skid steers. A skid steer is a compact machine with arms to which you can attach different tools. They are used for excavating, landscaping, and loading. JCB skid steers are unique in that they are the only skid steers available with a single-arm Power Boom design.



The Teleskid 3TS-8W is a popular machine because it has both vertical and radial lifts so is suitable for a wide variety of jobs including digging, landscaping, and loading.



The small platform 703kg rated operating capacity JCB 155 radial lift skid steer loader is ideal working at ground level for digging and moving materials and mid-range height tasks like dumping over walls.



The 958kg rated operating capacity JCB 215 is the most powerful vertical lift machine within our small platform category. Being small but powerful makes it very productive with the added versatility to operate more attachments than before.

They are stronger and safer than conventional twin-arm machines. JCB skid steers come with their own set of specifications but they have these features in common:

  • Side entry door
  • Single-arm lift
  • Powerful engines that provide a great deal of torque
  • Fully welded chassis which gives a rigid structure


Are JCB Skid Steers Good?

JCB skid steers are popular, and they live up to their excellent reputation. JCB is the only company that makes skid steers with telescopic booms. These have greater reach and height than other skid steers.  All of their skid steers have powerful engines, providing a lot of torque, and allowing them to deal with the most difficult of jobs. In addition, they have excellent cooling systems. There is cool air from the top and hot air is pushed out from the rear and sides, keeping it away from the operator.  The load and boom move separately from the chassis which gives the operator a better ride and it makes the loading cycles faster.

What Models Of Skid Steer Does JCB Supply?

There are four skid steers that JCB manufactures, the Teleskid 3TS-8W, the 155, the 215, and the 270. Each offers its own set of specifications, making them suitable for different tasks.

The Teleskid 3TS-8W is a popular machine because it has both vertical and radial lifts so is suitable for a wide variety of jobs including digging, landscaping, and loading. It is the first skid steer that was produced with a telescopic boom which means that it can get into places other skid steers wouldn’t be able to get into. The vertical reach is 13” which is higher than any other skid steer,  and the forward reach is 6” 6”. Other features include:

  • Standard 2-speed transmission
  • The boom is mounted on a single piece giving maximum strength and minimum weight
  • Operating weight of 12615 pounds on the compact track loader and 9859 pounds on the skid steer loader

Should You Rent Or Buy A JCB Skid Steer?

To answer this question, you will need to consider your requirements and the jobs you need to have completed. JCB skid steers are well regarded in the industry and are built to last so are a good investment. If you run a business that uses skid steers on a regular basis it would be well worth your while to purchase one. However, if you need one for the occasional task, it would be more cost-effective to rent one. An advantage of renting is that you can then choose a skid steer that is best suited to the job.